Introduction to Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is an ancient science which connect bodily illness with various planets. Generally, Astrology is believed to relate to science which connects human behaviour and thinking with movement of celestial bodies. Each of the Astrological Zodiac sign along with the nine planets are linked with the various organs of our bodies.

In olden days, even to start taking medicines, people used to see date and time, sometimes the directions also. In today’s context, medical astrology is supportive of elective surgery. The natives prefer a selected date and time to undergo the procedure. Even child birth is planned well in advance if it is by caesarean section. Medical astrology is intricate and needs indepth study. Just by merely looking at the chart, one may not be able to diagnose or predict an illness. It can definitely be put to use to find out whether the treatment will lead to beneficial effect or not.

For several diseases like blood disorders, problems in child birth, defect in eye sight and speech, heart problems, bone ailments, etc. have attributes in astrological science. There are innumerable diseases which need the attention of modern day astrologers. Diseases like pandemic pose a challenge to modern day astrologers. It is difficult to predict the cause of the pandemic, not to talk of side effects.

Generally, Astrology gives a grouping of diseases and what astrological attributes may contribute to that. It is upto medical astrology practitioner to ascertain the course of advice to various diseases. Medical Astrology connects different parts of the body with the 12 Zodiacs. From head to foot, all the parts of the body are classified under various Zodiacs.

Zodiac Body
Aries Brain, head, face, eyes
Taurus Throat, neck, vocal tract and thyroid gland
Cancer Arms, hands, ears, brain, lung
Gemini Arms, intestine, chest and breast
Leo Spinal cord, upper back, heart, chest
Virgo Digestive system, spleen, nervous system
Libra Lumbar region, kidneys, skin and buttocks
Scorpio Bowels, excretory system, reproductive system, sexual organs
Sagittarius Hips, thighs, liver, sciatic nerve
Capricorn Skeletal systems, knee joints
Aquarius Skin, hairs, stomach
Pisces Watery parts of the body like blood, endocrine, etc.

Medical Astrological Predictions

One may be in a position to predict whether it is curable or not. It will help to understand the timing of the onset of disease and when one will be relieved. If the Arishta Yoga present is aspected by a powerful benefic, then the disease may be nullified. Even if from Moon if the position is fortified, then the disease may be compromised or brought under control. 

The aspects to be seen are, dispositor and Lord of the house in Navamsa chart where the Lord of the afflicted house is posted. The benefic if involved will cause less harm than a malefic.

Timing of onset of disease and relief can be predicted by using traditional astrological methods. The most common dasha system involved will have answers if analysed appropriately. Still the timing can be ascertained by examining the following :

  1. Yogas present in the horoscope
  2. Dasa/Bhukthi
  3. Transit (or) Gochara
  4. Horary chart

Combination for health

  1. Strongly placed Lagna Lord aspected by a benefic
  2. 8th house Lord well placed and aspected by benefics
  3. Strongly placed Lagna Lord with Lagna, 11th and 12th occupied by benefic planets
  4. A benefic in Lagna
  5. Subha Katri Yoga makes a native healthy
  6. Moon in conjunction with benefics not in dusthanas will ensure good health.

Combination for ill health

  1. Weak Lagna Lord with Dushthana Lords will endanger one’s health
  2. Lagna Lord in conjunction or aspected by malefic planets will make the native suffer from chronic diseases
  3. Lagna being occupied by Moon or Mercury and aspected by malefic
  4. Malefics in 6th house and 6th house Lord in association with malefic will make a native suffer from many diseases

We can come out with many such combinations. With experience, the medical astrologer will detect the sufferings and remedies for the same appropriately. Like Zodiac, even planets are associated with various organs of the body.

Planet Organs
Sun Eyes
Moon Psychological
Mars Blood related
Mercury Nervous system
Jupiter Intestine and tumours
Saturn Kidneys
Rahu/Ketu Genital organs

We by experience know various combinations, dasa periods, transit times which will affect the health of the individual. For chronic patients and those who want to undergo an elective surgery, it is recommended that they consult a medical astrologer.


Asmin paraathman nanu paathmakalpae, thvamiththa muththaapitha padmayonihi 

Anantha boomaa mama rogaraashim, nirundhi vaathaalayavaasa Vishno.”


Oh Lord Guruvayur, who is the form of divine Brahman, You who thus made Lord Brahma emerge from the lotus, And you who has the undivided greatness, Please cure all my diseases.