People normally have the impression that Saturn only does bad things to them throughout their life. Saturn is not only malefic but can be benefic to many people. It all depends on the birth time or Lagna and the placement of Saturn in various houses.

Saturn does perform the duty of Lord Shiva. Though Saturn is son of Sun, their qualities differ a lot. Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius, exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. The houses owned by Sun and Moon, i.e. Cancer and Leo are fall for Saturn. Saturn is nearly 700 times in size when compared to the earth and multiple satellites with a ring. Saturn takes 2½ years to move across each sign and takes nearly 29½ years to go round the Sun.

Saturn Attributes

Good Attributes – Makes a person disciplined, hardworking and industrious. It enables a person to take care of his body thereby making him strong and healthy.  Saturn allows a person to form appropriate opinion, singular in their modes of thinking, impressions, hostile to crimes, generous and accumulator of wealth. It gives a person the power to undergo all sorts of privation, moral courage and foresight. The grace of this planet can make one a philosopher and a social reformer.

Bad Attributes – Normally the people dominated by Saturn are thin built, bony and dark in complexion. They have thin and long limbs with profuse growth of hair. They can be physically challenged at times. They may be plagued with diseases, distress, humiliation, misery, misunderstanding and destruction of happiness. They may exhibit excess anger and be stubborn. The strength of Saturn and its placement in the horoscope will determine whether Saturn is good or bad. They can exhibit both the attributes.

Saturn in 5th house

Placement – Fifth house denotes intelligence, intellect, creativity, romance, love and child birth. If Saturn is placed in 5th house, it can bring obstacles to all the 5th house attributes. But starting from Aries right through to Pisces Lagna the effect given by Saturn will be different. For some Lagna, Saturn is benefic and for some others, it is neutral (or) malefic. 

General predictions if the Saturn is placed in the 5th house are

  1. Child birth may be denied or delayed
  2. There might be abortions and still birth
  3. Disappointment in love affairs and the person cannot be romantic
  4. One is devoid of knowledge and happiness
  5. Wicked minded and loser through speculation
  6. Loses through the field of entertainment and amusement

If the Saturn is in its own house, exaltation or in a friend’s sign, then the malefic effect will be modified. The native may in turn enjoy benefic effects as discussed earlier. Now the bad effects will be more during the Dasa/Bhukthi and transit of Saturn over the natal chart if he is a malefic. 


Let us take an example of Aries Lagna to understand aspects. Saturn has 3rd, 7th and 10th house aspects from the house where it is placed.

Asc 10th Aspect  

7th Aspect


    3rd Aspect  

3rd Aspect

If Saturn is placed in the 5th for Aries, then the 3rd aspect of Saturn will fall in the 7th house to Aries. It would block, delay or deny marriage. For such people, we have to be careful while looking at compatibility. We should match a horoscope with strong 5th and 7th house with their Lords well placed. Late marriage can also be recommended. One needs to examine Navamsa and Saptamsa chart to ascertain the strength of the 5th and 7th house and its planets. Navamsa will talk about spouse as well as the inherent strength of planets when compared to Rasi chart. 

7th Aspect

The 7th aspect of Saturn for Aries if it is placed in the 5th, will be the 11th from Aries. As per Kalapurusha chart, the 11th house stands for profits. In contemporary Astrology, we also attribute 11th for desires. If the Saturn is placed in the 5th from Lagna, then the person will have delayed or denied fulfilment of desires.

10th Aspect of Saturn

10th aspect of Saturn if it is in 5th from Lagna will fall in the 2nd house from Lagna. Second house denotes speech, communication, family, income, primary education, etc. Saturn aspect will deprieve the native from enjoying all the above aspects. In one shot, the Saturn placement in the 5th destroys (or) delays marriage, child birth and also happy family. In case in Sarvashtaka varga, if it has more than 30 bindus then probably good efforts may be felt. Saturn is very friendly to Venus and Mercury. If Saturn is conjunct with Mercury and Venus (or) has mutual aspects, then it may bless the native with benefic results.

Saturn apart from its house of exaltation, ruling will give benefic results when placed in Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Libra. This rule holds good in transit also. 


Neelaanchana Samaabaasam – Raviputhram Yamaagrajam

Chaayaa Maarthaanda Sambhootham – Thannamaami Sanaicharam


The one who is blue, one who is like charcoal, one who is the son of Surya and the brother of Yama, one who is born to Chaya and Surya, I prostrate that Saneeswara