Although the world is a wonderful place to live in, people have problems now and then. To solve these problems, there are some astrological remedies. Now, there is a dilemma as to whether these remedies are working or not. It is an accepted fact that faith healing works and astrological remedies are akin to faith healing. There are many known remedial measures like Yoga, Mantra, Pooja, Yantara, Donation, etc.

Preference of remedial measures :

There are two ways by which the remedial methods can be chosen

  1. Preference of the individual
  2. Astrological needs

Individuals have their own preference like wanting to do a Sadhana, looking for cure from an illness. Alternatively, the Astrologer might find a weak planet in the horoscope and may want to do a remedy for it. There are two ways of overpowering the evil influence of planets which may be

  1. From internal energy
  2. External applications

The external methods can be Sadhanas, Mantras, Yantras, Gem, etc. The internal efforts would be to align the internal energy by meditation, change in way of thinking and lifestyle, etc.

In the contemporary world, people are too busy and do not have time for anything. Here is where the Astrologers, religious guides, Gurus come in and perform the Sadhana or duty in return for a reward. Ultimately, all these are done as per destiny. Any good (or) auspicious activity done by an individual will fortify his destiny. It is better for the Sadhanas to be done by the individual himself, rather than hiring someone else to do it. Yoga can be a very good method for realigning one’s energy. The breath control is one exercise which will make his body and mind healthy. We will discuss what needs to be done for propitiating the planets in the ensuing lines. 


Charity is a way of giving back to the society. Though it cannot be equated to the hard work put in the by individual, charity also carries weight in remedial actions. Many charitable activities have been outlined for the various planets by the ancient Rishis. Against each planet, we will specify what we can donate to propitiate 

S.No. Planet To donate
1 Sun  Gold, copper, ruby, wheat, cow, orange cloth, red cloth and flowers, red sandal wood, Gur, musk and saffron
2 Moon Pearl, silver, rice, curd, white cloth, white sandal and flowers and camphor
3 Mercury Emerald, sugar, ivory, green gram, green cloth and flowers
4 Jupiter Yellow, sapphire, topaz, gold, horse gram dal, salt, turmeric, brown sugar, yellow cloth and flowers
5 Mars Red coral gem, copper, wheat, ghee, red cloth and flowers and red sandalwood
6 Venus Diamond, silver, rice, sugar, milk, ghee, curd, scents, white cloth, white cows and white flowers
7 Saturn Blue sapphire, iron, black til, sarso oil, black dal and black clothes
8 Rahu Gomed, gold, oil, seven grains mixture, lead and saffron
9 Ketu Cat’s eye gem, musk, blanket, sugar, oil, etc.


Fasting can be observed which would do immense help for the health of a person. Even intermittent fasting during lunch hour on the days which it needs to be observed will go a long way in propitiation of planets.

Ancient remedial measures 

There are certain traditional remedies which are followed for ages which will give excellent results. Against each planet, we have given the remedial measures below 

S.No. Planet Remedy
1 Sun  Worship of Lord Shiva, worship of Surya, offering of red flowers, offering red cow and wheat, wearing Carbuncle (manikkam)
2 Moon Worship of the mother of all Gods, offering white flowers, wearing pearl and white clothes
3 Mercury Worship of Lord Vishnu, wearing emerald and clothes in green shade, offering green gram, offering gold
4 Jupiter Worship of Dakshinamurthy, wearing yellow sapphire and yellow shade clothes, offering ground nuts
5 Mars Worship of Lord Karthikeya and Mahakali, wearing red clothes, wearing coral (pavalam)
6 Venus Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, wearing diamonds and white clothes, offering white horse and cattle to the poor
7 Saturn Worship of Sastha, wearing black dress and Indra neel gem, offering til and black cow
8 Rahu Worship of Durga, wearing Gomed which is a variant of garnet. Donating iron and tools made up of iron, offering Bengal black gram
9 Ketu Worship of Lord Ganesha, wearing cat’s eye (vaiduryam), donating millets (certain)

One must ascertain the fall of a planet and do appropriate propitiation. 

Important areas where remedies are required :

  1. Dosha Nakshatra and remedies
  2. Remedies for Kanda Rajju and Sirasu Rajju
  3. Mangalik
  4. Pitru and putra Dosham
  5. Kala Sarpa Dosham

Homa : Information of Homas conducted commonly are as below:

  1. Ganapathy Homa – It is performed before start of any important event (or) an activity.
  2. Sudharsana Homa – It is performed just to alleviate the dasas found in the Horoscope of a native
  3. Mrtyunja Homa – This is performed for successful treatment of illness and long life
  4. Navagraha Homa – This is done to appease the planets. It is mostly conducted at the time of change of Dasas (or) Dasasandhi period
  5. Dhanwantari Homa – It is performed to keep away any impending illness (or) disease

The list is endless. As we go by, we will see in detail what remedies are to be done under different circumstances. 

People who have chronic problems can approach an Astrologer who specialises in carrying out the remedies. It should be remembered that the Sadhanas are best done by the native. One cannot consume food for other’s sake, same way, Sadhanas also cannot be done by someone else.

Continuity of the Sadhana is vital for ultimate benefit. Wish all the readers that everything in life turns out well.


” AsAdhya sAdhaka swAmin, asAdhyam tava kim vadha 

RAma dhoota kripA sindhO madh kAryam sAdhaya prabhO !


Oh Lord, YOU are capable of doing the impossible; Is there any act which is not possible by YOU? Oh Compassionate Lord, who did go for Sri Rama as his emissary please fulfil my request NOW!