Ethics can be defined as an outlook ‘’with normal behaviour’’ or ‘’the principles whether an act is right or wrong’’.

To be a professional, we need a few things

  1. One should have spent long years of studies
  2. They do not need supervision
  3. They should consider their act as a service meaning benevolent act without expecting any returns

For ages, professional Astrologers have debated, what would an appropriate conduct. Let us see what an Astrologer may need to keep in mind as appropriate conduct.

  1. One should be well versed in the subject of Astrology with long years and indepth study.
  2. Practicing Astrology should be considered as a service and no other motive to be ascribed.
  3. The reading should allay fears and infuse confidence in people
  4. Even when a black hole (or) a no hope situation is seen, appropriate words to explain how better to mitigate the situation, should be spoken
  5. At no point of time, fear should be infused in the minds of the native
  6. At the same time, one need not be unrealistically optimistic
  7. One needs to point out realistic outcomes and if any remedial measures identified should be shared
  8. Remedial measures should be based on
  1. The individual’s need
  2. And what the chart foretells
  1. Astrologer needs to act as a Counsellor. A Counsellor acts like a mirror telling the client ‘’what positions’’ he is in and what steps should be taken for betterment. A Counsellor never fits in his own set of imagination on the client
  2. Confidentiality is of utmost importance, at no point of time, the discussion points needs to be made public
  3. The Astrologers action should enhance the trust quotient of the client. Client belief and faith should be kept in mind during discussions. 
  4. Astrologer need not show of his knowledge, the discussion ultimately should enable the client in all possible ways
  5. Astrology is a comprehensive exercise since all areas of life will be covered.

Although Ethics in any profession is debatable, the above are some of the points to ponder. Very many successful Astrologers, ’’live and practice’’ the Ethical code of conduct and it may be followed by younger generation of Astrologers for betterment of the profession.


Gurur brahmah gurur Vishnu, Gurur devo maheshwaraha

Gurur saakshaat param brahmah,  Tasmai shree guravey namaha


The guru is the living representative of the Holy Trinity in Hinduism – Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva. The teacher is the representative of the Supreme Being. He gives me knowledge and destroys ignorance. I salute such a guru.