Mars dosha is one of the dreaded dosha by the common man. The Yoga technically occurs when Mars is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house from Lagna, Moon and Venus. Now you will understand, since Zodiac has only 12 signs, 50% of the people will have Mars dosha. Mars dosha comes into forefront when the native wants to get married. Mars when conjunct (or) aspected by other malefic can be disastrous.  The dosha is called ‘’Angarakha’’ or ‘’Kuja’’ dosha.

As per PHALA DEEPIKA, Mars will give the following results – In Natal Chart

1st house – The native will be valorous but cruel, longevity will not be there.

2nd house – May have speaking disorders and will not be handsome. He will not have wealth and serving low people.

4th house – The native will suffer from the side of mother, friends, lands, conveyance and happiness.

7th house – Native will indulge in sinful actions and will be devoid of wife, probably premature death. Mars in 7th produces strong ‘’Kuja dosha’’ the native may lose his wife.

8th Mars in 8th gives the native a unhealthy body with lots of ailments. It will make him short lived and hated by others.

12th house – Mars in 12th makes a person cruel and mean. He will be devoid of wife and will also suffer from eye diseases. 

Now, one will understand why 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses from Lagna are not conducive for Mars. The placements have basically got to do with temperament, mental stability, ability to get along with others, etc. If both the bride and groom are affected by Mars Dosha, then there may be compatibility. It is better to reckon from Moon and Venus also. Mangal dosha is something which cannot be ignored.

Tips from Late Shri P.S. Iyer

Sri P.S. Iyer was one of the greatest Astrologer of our times. His command over many languages made him more communicative. His ideas are

  1. Mangal dosha is present in six houses
  2. The Dosha should be seen from Moon, Venus and Saturn
  3. The dosha is ½ in Lagna, full in 8th house, 1/4th in 7th,  1/8 in 4th, 1/16 in 12th and 2nd house
  4. No dosha if Mars is in its own home or exaltation
  5. When a strong benefic is in 9th, then the dosha is cancelled
  6. When a benefic like Venus and Jupiter aspects the Mars then it is cancelled.

When Mangal dosha is present, care must be taken to observe compatibility and should be examined by a learned (or) an experienced Astrologer.


Sarva mangala mangalye Shive sarvaartha saadhike

Sharanye trayambake Gauri,Narayani namosthute


To auspiciousness of all auspiciousness, to the Good,  to the accomplisher of all objectives, to the Source of Refuge, to the mother of the three worlds,to the Goddess who is Rays of Light, Exposer of consciousness, We bow to you again and again. We worship you.