Saturn and Sade Sati

1.  Great Ball of Gas

Saturn located beyond Mars in the solar system is an excellent sight to behold. The favourite rings of Saturn are targets of amateur Astrologers. Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system, with a diameter of 75,000 miles. For many Astronomers, Saturn is a beautiful planet. Not only the beautiful rings, one can also spot their giant Moons.

2. Saturn placement

Generally Saturn shows malefic nature for all ascendents except Libra, Taurus where they are Yoga karakas. The evil nature will be modified if posted with own sign or in Jupiter sign. When Saturn is a functional benefic, it makes a person hard working, industrious, health conscious and singular in modes of thinking. Saturn also offers courage, foresight, balance of mind and discipline. When functional malefic can cause disease, distress, humiliation and poverty. May lead to imprisonment and anti social acts. From the above, we understand that Saturn is a benefic too. With adequate strength, if placed in Kendra/konas, it can do wonders.

3. Transit of Saturn

Nowadays, quite a lot of people are worried about Kalasarpa Yoga, Mars Dosha and Sade Sati. People dread the word Saturn and especially the word Sade Sati. One needs to keep in mind that a single combination, aspect placement or Transit cannot make or mar a person. Let us now look with balance frame of mind Sade Sati. Saturn gives benefic effects in transit, when it is 3,6 and 11th from Moon. In all the other places, it gives adverse results. 

4. Sade Sati

Sade Sati is a dreadful word for the common people. Sade Sati occurs once in every 30 years of life. Sade Sati consists of 3 cycles of 2½ years each called Dhaia when Saturn transits from 12th, 1st and 2nd house from native Moon. Generally, a person may get 3 Sade Sati in his life time and the results manifested in each of these are different.  

1st Cycle : In the first cycle, the family feels the stress when the Saturn transit the Moon in 12th house. When in the first cycle, it affects the financial status of the native and he will suffer from illness, exertion and wasted efforts.

2nd Cycle : Saturn now remains in the Moon sign itself (or) Moon Lagna. In this cycle, it affects the native in his family and professional life. It denotes ill health, loss of near relatives, mortal fear, travel to a far off land etc.

3rd Cycle : It affects one’s health, family, children in particular. May feel stress, unhappy and physically weak. There will be obstacles for income generation. When Saturn forms good aspects with other planets, it will make the native hardworking, industrious, cautious, pragmatic and will give gains and comforts. Acquisition of property and promotion in service can be anticipated. The star of the transiting Saturn plays an important role in giving the effects.

5. Remedies – Giving back to the society

The best form of remedy that one can think of for Sade Sati is giving back to society, whether it is volunteering for a local event or give charity, even the smallest of activities will touch the lives of people. The best ways can be 

Volunteering : To enable people around by means of physical efforts. Though the simplest form, yet it is more effective. Across all age groups, everyone can do volunteering.

Skills : Each one has his own skill and nobody will have a composite skill set. Skills nowadays are a rare commodity. Offer your skills. The best form of giving back may be to offer your skills in the field of medicine, technology, communication, etc. 

Charity : Ancient classical texts on Vedic Astrology talks about donation as a remedy. Today you see crowd funding is becoming the most important form of charity. Thousands of people, contribute to bring considerable sum to enable deserving people. There are a number of charities across the whole world through which one can help destitute children, physically challenged children and the elderly.

We have also talked about traditional remedies elsewhere in this book. 

When the two primary players Saturn and Moon are strong and well placed to Lagna, then the ill effects may get modified to some extent. Yet no one is perfect and Sade Sati will give testing times during the 7½ years period. One can experience certain amount of defeat and distress.


Buddhir Balam Yasho Dhairyam,Nir Bhayatvam Arogata

Ajatyam Vak Patutvam Cha, Hanumat Smaranat Bhavet||

Meaning –

Lord Hanuman showers his blessings with strength,success,fearless,courage,wisdom and oratory skills,He stays with us in the time when we are in fear or face any obstacles.