Career in Vedic Astrology

Career literally means ‘’what we do’’. Nowadays career is taken as what we do for a living. Evaluation of the career of the person is one of the daunting tasks for an Astrologer. Generally the chart will not give a clear picture, of course, occasionally it does. We may take cue from the astrological rules to predict appropriately. By using timing techniques like (a) Dasa/Bhukthi analysis and (b) Transit analysis, we will be able to zero in on the exact timing of events. In Vedic Astrology, we blend the effects of planets and houses to arrive at the possible solution. The planets for career are

a) 10th house lord

(b) Lagna Lord and

(c) 2nd house Lord for generating income

The first house represents the self, character and personality of a person, so it can throw light. The 10th place stands for karma in this birth which will tell the nature of career than one can pronounce. The second house for generating income and from that we would be able to assess the career of the native. If there are no planets in the 10th house, then one needs to see the Navamsa occupied by the Lord of the 10th house. According to Uttarakalamitra, 10th house deals with

Now let us see the placement of 10th Lord to see the effect on career. In the chapter, significance of planets and income, we have already discussed the role of planets in generating income.

Placement of  10th Lord in

1st house : Self made, can also be self employed. Rises high in life.

2nd house : Family trade, banking and finance, its afflictions may cause bankruptcy.

3rd house : Travel and communication industry

4th house : Lucky, well placed job, well educated, famous since the planet will be looking at his own house

5th house : A powerful Raja Yoga is formed. Highly intelligent, may pursue academic achievements. May be working under Government.

6th House : Career related to low end jobs, prison management, hospital management, etc. If afflicted, causes disgrace and imprisonment

7th house : It gives a working spouse. Diplomatic services, travel abroad and on partnership business. If afflicted will be only interested in material world and immoral.

8th house : Very disheartening placement. There will be breaks in career and income. Benefics may offer some relief.

9th house : Thinking career for native. Charitable deeds and extremely fortunate

10th house : Success in career. Even a person born in an ordinary family will rise up in life.  

11th house : Shows gain in profession and business. Afflictions may cause betrayal of friends

Career induced by planets

We have discussed this aspect under the topic, ‘’Significance of planets and income elsewhere in this compilation.

For example, if Sun is the 10th Lord, then the native may enjoy a Government job. He may be a trader dealing with drugs, chemicals and gold. If is happens to be Jupiter, a preceptor, priest, lawyer or a solicitor. If it is Saturn, then it will denote career related to preservation, foreign land and eliminatory function. We may say that Saturn dominated person may be a politician since they will be dealing with masses. The native may deal with insurance since it is related to death. Long preserved items like petroleum, mines are likely career for a Saturn dominated person.

These are some of the ideas that we can take from Vedic Astrology for career counselling and income predictions.

Combination for people who reach the top echelons of society are

  1. If the 10th Lord, Jupiter and Moon are inter related
  2. Sun in exaltation or own house
  3. Benefic in 2nd, 10th and 11th
  4. Presence of Raja Yoga planets with their Dasa’s operative
  5. As per Jaimini Astrology, Saturn or Mercury in the 10th from Karakamsa Lagna will give fame.

Of course, the dasa/bhukthi and transit should be favourable for the responsible planet.


Om sahana vavatu sahanau bhunaktu,  Sahaveeryam karavavahai

Tejas vinavati tamastu ma vidhwishavahai

Om shanti shanti shanti hi


May God protect us both, the teacher and the student, on our journey towards attaining knowledge. May He nourish us. May we work together with great energy. May our studies be enlightening. May there be no hate or hostility among us. Let there be peace in me, in nature, and in the divine force.