People eagerly look for predictions all the time. People scan through newspapers, other media online, astrological websites, Youtube and blogs to know about the transit of planets and the effect of it on everyday life.

There is always a dilemma in the minds of Astrologers about the effect of Dasa Bhukti and Transit on the native at any given point of time, which is more important is the question. In practical experience, both have importance in timing of the events. We can say 75% of the experience would be in relation to Dasas and 25% will be relating to Transits (or) Gochara. Yes, the dilemma would be more pronounced when strong Dasa runs and transits are adverse and the vice versa.

When we prepare the horoscope, the planets are fixed in a longitude. It is also understood the planetary movements are never ending and in Western Astrology, it is called progression. Such movements of planets will bring in profound change in the way people think of it, which in turn will affect his character, disposition and surroundings.

In predicting Transit (or) Gochara effect, the placement of Moon is very important. Place (or) sign where the Moon is placed in a natal chart is called Janma Rasi. The movements of planets in relation to Janma Rasi is called Gochara (or) Transit. Such transits will indicate what is in the near future. The transit results cannot be interpreted independently without considering ruling period or sub period.

Suppose wealth is indicated in Dasa and Bhukthi, according to Gochara, if the period is likely to be bad, then both have to be combined to tell the effects that the native would enjoy. Transit chart also can be prepared wherein circle of Zodiac is drawn and the radical position is marked in it. Then we will note down or mark the position of all the planets and the results are read.

A. Major Transits

Out of the nine planets, the major transits are done by Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu. These planets stay for a year or more in a Rasi and will have a lasting effect on the lives of the native. It should be kept in mind that transit of planets should be seen from the sign occupied by the Moon.

Jupiter : The effect of Jupiter from various houses of the Moon in the natal chart are given below :

1st – Travelling, going away from native place, heavy expenses, sometimes rewards

2nd – Profits and gains of money, domestic happiness and influence over other people

3rd – Obstacles, loss of position, separation from kith and kin

4th – Sorrow through relatives, expenses, sickness and worry and also danger from animals

5th – Happiness and birth of children

6th – Grief and misery. Trouble from enemies and sickness

7th – Fortune, good health and happiness from wife and children

8th – Unlucky, fear, bad reputation

9th – Access to wealth, prosperity

10th – Separation, loss of wealth, position and children

11th – Gain of honour and fame, success in undertakings

12th – Fear, unexpected trouble and mental worry

B. Saturn

Saturn when it passes through the various houses from Moon, the following will happen

1st – Disease, danger and loss of money

2nd – Sorrow, accidents, loss of wealth and children

3rd – Gain and prosperity

4th – Loss of wealth, wife and relations

5th – Grief, trouble and confusion in mind

6th – Happiness all around

7th – Danger during journeys, suffering to wife, mental and physical afflictions

8th – Fear, worry and suffering from diseases

9th – Loss of money, health and misfortune. Perpetual sorrow and obstacles from performance of good deeds

10th – Loss of wealth

11th – Gain of wealth and all kinds of happiness

12th – Danger, loss of wealth, worry and financial strain

Regarding Saturn, transit in the 12th, 1st and 2nd from natal Moon goes under the name Sade Sati (7½ years Saturn) which is not a desirable period. This particular period may bring all sorts of miseries and people dread this 7½ years. We will discuss the effects of Sade Sati and effects of Rahu and Ketu in a separate article.


Mano javam maruda thulya vegam, Jithendriyam buddhi maatham varishtam

Vathaatmajam vanara yudha mukhyam, Sree Rama dootham charanam prapadhye

Meaning:I take refuge in Lord Hanuman. I pray and salute the one who is as fast as thought, is more powerful than the wind, has mastered his senses, is the wisest, is the son of the Wind God, is the commander of the monkey brigade, and Lord Ram’s messenger. I bow at your feet.