Timing of Events

Timing of events is an integral part of everyone’s life. In practice, we find good things happen only when the time fructifies. Generally, we tend to look for timing under the following circumstances :

  1. For pursuing higher education
  2. For choosing a career, job or profession
  3. Starting a business
  4. Contemplating marriage
  5. Relief from illness
  6. For elective surgery
  7. For solving problems of life
  8. For acquisition of property

Hindu predictive Astrology enables one to predict time fairly accurately. Normally Vedic Astrology has Dasa system to analyse the progression of time. There are as many as 40 and more dasa systems in India as per BPHS. Most Astrologers follow Vimshottari Dasa system. Vimshottari Dasa system has a rationale. The system has nine main periods each presided over by one of the nine planets. In the following table, we will see the number of years ascribed to a planet

Planet Dasa years
Ketu 7
Venus/Sukra 20
Sun 6
Moon 10
Mars 7
Rahu 18
Jupiter 16
Saturn 19
Mercury 17

Then each of the periods are divided into sub periods. They are called Bhuktis and Antaras. Even Antaras are again sub divided into Antarantaras. For all practical purposes, sub period analysis will be adequate. We have ready reckoners and hence the calculation part has not been discussed. Total period allotted to Vimshottari dasa is 120 years. One needs to follow Parasari principles which are shown below :

  1. Lord of Lagna and Trikona are always beneficial
  2. Planets in Raja Yoga give beneficial  results
  3. Lords of 3,6 and 11 are evil.
  4. Lords of 8th and 12th are neutral and gives results according to their association
  5. If a benefic is the Lord of two kendras, then it ceases to be a benefic

Dasas of various planets

If a planet is strong, they give benefic results. A planet is considered to be strong if it is in its own sign, exaltation, friend’s house and Moolatrikona. A planet is weak if it is in debilitated or in inimical sign or in Dushthoras 6,8 or 12.


1. Sun

Bestows high status and wealth. Kalidas in Utarakalamitra says, ‘’An auspicious Sun will give children, intelligence, wisdom, power, knowledge, fame and happiness’’. Weak Sun as told by Parasara – miserable, loss of wealth and fame, punishment, living in foreign land, illness, loss of confidence, etc. According to Phala Deepika, there will be intense anguish and danger from concealed wealth.

2. Moon

A strong Moon bestows wealth, conveyance, income from agriculture, creative work and favour of Government. According to Phala Deepika, there will be peace of mind, success in all ventures, gain of wealth, good food, good spouse, etc. Weak Moon gives way to depression, mental instability and loss of wealth.

3. Mars

According to Phala Deepika, gain of money by falsehood, wicked and cruel actions. Enjoyment of fortune of others. If exalted and placed in 10th or 11th house, will make a native King like. Weak Mars gives rise to accidents, disease and theft.

4. Mercury

According to Phala Deepika, happiness, admiration from notable people, association with good friends, etc. Weak Mercury can make one a nervous wreck, disruption in education and loss of wealth.

5. Jupiter

According to Phala Deepika, association with friends, wealth, happiness from spouse and children and honour from the King.  Weak Jupiter will lead to loss of spouse and children. Will give loss of wealth and bring in disrepute.

6. Venus

According to Phala Deepika, the native will have vehicles, precious stones, intellectual pursuits, honour by the King and success in sports. If it is Lord of 9 or 10 and placed in Lagna, will take the native to greater heights.  Weak Venus can inflect death, diseases, loss of business and spouse, etc.

7. Saturn

Phala Deepika predicts loss of wealth through war, support of servants and old women. Strong Saturn makes a person hard working and thereby giving wealth and status. It might earn him a Government job. Weak Saturn gives agony, fear and loss of wealth, sorrows through wife and children.

8. Rahu

Strong Rahu gives sudden wealth (or) speculation, success in foreign land. According to Phala Deepika, if associated with a benefic, the native will be a King. Weak Rahu in 8 and 12 according to Parasara gives mental agony, disappointment, death of spouse, debts and diseases.

9. Ketu

Bestows Moksha and spiritualism if well placed. Ketu in 3,6,11 will give happiness and gains for native from the Government. Weak Ketu will give several illnesses and destruction of property, delay in marriage and child birth.

The above narration is general in nature and the horoscope should be studied in totality for prediction. The sub periods of the Lords will have the same influence as in the periods stated above.


Vanamali Gadi Sharangee, Changee chakreecha Nandaki

Sriman Narayano Vishnur, Vasudevobi Rakshatu


Lord Narayana who also took the form of Krishna! Who holds the bow,sudharshana wheel to protect us from dangers. Please protect us from any danger and make our journey smooth.