The horoscope is assessed through the planets and the 12 Rashis or Houses. Very basic issues in life like education, career, health, income, wealth generation, marriage, etc. are decided on the position of planets and their relation to each other. Each planet signifies a group of affairs and stand for certain outcomes. Jupiter, for example, brings in a happy marriage and excellent children. Venus denotes ones’ love life and happiness. While reading a horoscope, we can see that the strong planets bring in benefic effects and the weak planets do not give good effects. Each planet signifies certain walks of life and if they are strong, that part of one’s life flourishes. Vedic Astrology divides a planet as benefic or malefic. Jupiter, Venus, waxing Moon, unafflicted, Mercury are  benefics. Sun, Mars, Saturn, afflicted Mercury and Rahu/Ketu are malefic.

Now let us see the significance of each planet and their income generating sources :

1. Sun

Sun is our soul and essence of our life. Sun denotes energy, will power and drive. It also denotes one’s attitude, individuality and the principle he follows in life. Sun gives us the drive to face the challenges in life. For all politicians and people in public life, Sun should be strongly placed in their birth with required Shadbala.

Source of Income

Source of income can be from Government services, medicine, initiation of mantra, gold, jewellery and grains. It is also karaka for father and hence inheritance. If Sun is exalted or in its own house, money is acquired through self efforts. With strong Sun, native may be involved in Banking and Stock Exchange. A weak Sun may lead to obstacles and frustration in life. Sun combination with Saturn is not desirable since it can cause difficulties in one’s career (or) profession. Sun in the 10th house has Digbala and therefore augurs well for career and profession.

2. Moon

Moon is karaka for mind and mother basically. It relates to all our emotions, feelings and inner thinking. It represents your attitude and emotional relationship with the spouse. It is feminine in nature and represents white colour. It also refers to one’s responsibilities and popularity.

Source of income

In the service of royality or people in higher echelons. Production and marketing of clothes, garments, watery products, chemicals, farming and Horticulture. Selling of diary, fish, snacks, etc. Can represent an author. Gets wealth and recognition from the State. Does well in hospitality industry. Inclined towards speculation. Acts as a Trustee of a Public or religious institution. The native with strong Moon may drive wealth and income through his mother.

3. Mars

Mars is responsible for physical energy and aggressiveness. It indicates powerful thinking process and related actions. Makes a person individualistic and one with attitude. Mars is instrumental for thoughts of freedom. Mars is related to work and hence a person with strong Mars can often exhibit controlled aggression.

Source of income

People working in military, police, security forces, fire fighting, sportsmen and sportswomen all have a strong influence of Mars. Mars can make one a surgeon and a medical practitioner also. Since it is related to metals, it can make good Engineers also. Since Mars is Bhumi karaka, it can bring income from real estate and agriculture. Depending on the strength, combination and aspects of other planets, the source may be modified.

4. Mercury

Indicates intellectual abilities, intelligence, quick mind, communication and alertness. Mercury also influences logical and reasoning abilities. It helps one to conceive thoughts and work on it. It indicates expression and writing ability. Strong Mercury induces one to travel.

Source of income

It denotes teaching, speaking, authoring, publication of books and as a successful advocate. Strong Mercury makes one interested in art, architecture. Mercury also represents journalism and income through friends. They may run educational institutions and foundations. They may work in Quasi Government and Government Undertakings.

5. Jupiter

It is a planet of expansion and happiness. Related to higher learning especially in the field of religion and philosophy. Relates to luck, achievement and success in all endeavours. Jupiter can make one think abstractly. A weak Jupiter or badly placed Jupiter can make one lazy.

Source of income

Income through legal and religious works. Income through teaching in all spheres. Income from elder brother. Can be a successful banker if Jupiter is well placed. It can make one a statesman and a politician.

6. Venus

Denotes artistic instincts, beauty, romance, amiability and sociability. Venus enables relationship building and most of the successful team leaders have well placed Venus. It is considered to influence one’s mind towards art, music and literature. Since it is responsible for happy married life, it is connected with one’s spouse.

Source of income :

Generated through gold, gems, jewels, cosmetics, beverages, dairy and animal husbandry. Plays an important role in hospitality and entertainment industry also. Its combination and associating with other planets may modify results. Generally desirable if Venus associates with Mercury and Saturn.

7. Saturn

It is related to hard work, industrious nature, self discipline, responsibility and limitations. It gives a practical outlook to life. If Saturn is well placed in chart, it makes one self made, prudent and with pragmatic outlook.

Source of income

Through Government, politics, serving the masses,public undertaking etc. Generates income through mining and metallurgy.

Saturn in 10th without benefic aspect may spell disaster. Affliction with Mercury may make low level menial jobs. Saturn if aspected by Moon and Jupiter may lead one to manufacturing industry.

When there are combination of two more planets, then nature of occupation and sources of income will get modified. Income and professional success also depends on Dasa/Bhukthi and transit of planets also.


Shubham Karoti Kalyaannam-Aarogyam Dhana-Sampadaa |

Shatru-Buddhi-Vinaashaaya Diipa-Jyotir-Namostute ||


Salutations to the Light of the Lamp Which Brings Auspiciousness, Health and Prosperity,

 Which Destroys Inimical Feelings;