The Zodiac stands divided into 27 Nakshatras or lunar constellations. The ecliptic is Sun’s path. On either side of the ecliptic, Zodiac stands extended by 9 degrees. It passes through the centre of the Zodiac longitudinally. The ecliptic is divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees. The 27 constellations are measured at intervals of 13 1/3 degrees of longitude. Once we know the longitude of the planet, we will know in which constellation it is. The constellations are further divided into 4 parts each with 3 1/3 degree of longitude. The Moon travels through a Nakshatra a day and is very important in Vedic Astrology.


  Name Conventional Name in Tamil First letter of Baby Name
  Aswini Aswini Chu, Che, Cho, La
  Bharani Bharani Lee, Lu, Le, Lo
  Krithika Karthigai A,E,U, Ea
  Rohini Rohini O, Va, Vi, Vu
  Mrigashiras Mrigasheersham We, Wo, Ka, Ki
  Aardhra Thiruvaathirai Ku, Gha, Ing, chh
  Punarvasu Punarpoosam Ke, Ko, Ha, Hi
  Pushyami Poosam Hu, He, Ho, Da
  Ashlesha Aayilam De, Du, De, Do
  Magha/Makha Makam Ma, Me, Mu, Me
  P.Phalguni/Poorvaguni Pooram Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu
  U.Plalguni/Uthraphalguni Uthiram To, Pa, Pe, Pu
  Hashtha Hastham Pu, Sha, Na, Tha
  Chitra Chithirai Pe, Po, Ra, Re
  Swaathi Swaathi Ru, Re, Ro, Taa
  Vishakha Visaakam Ti, TU, Tea, To
  Anuradha Anusham Na, Ne, Nu, Ne
  Jyeshta Kettai No, Ya, Yi, Yu
  Moola Moolam Ye, Yo, Ba, Be
  P.Shada/Poorvasaada Pooraadam Bhu, Dha, pha Dha
  U.Shada/Uthrashaada Uthiraadam Bhe, Bho, Ja, Ji
  Shraavan Thiruvonam Ju/khi, Je/khu, Jo/khe, Gha/kho
  Dhanishta Avittam Ga, Gi, Gu, Ge
  Shathabhisha Chathayam/Sadayam Go, Sa, Si, Su
  P.Bhadra/Poorvabhadra Poorattathi Se, So, Da, Di
  U.Bhadra/Uthrabhadra Uthirattathi Du, tha, Jha, Da
  Revathi Revathi De, Do, Cha, Chi

Significance of Nakshatras

These Nakshatras are one of the important components of Astrology. We will not discuss the classification of Nakshatras but will examine the significance since it will have immediate relevance for people born on these Nakshatras.

1. Ashwini : The native will be handsome, sociable, liked by people, competent with lots of means or wealth. The person will also be considered as an important member of the family.

2.  Bharani : The person will be active, attracted towards opposite sex, courageous, aggressive and long lived.

3. Krithika : The person will be well known and handsome. A person with a purpose but may also have an unstable mind.

4. Rohini : The person will be handsome, sensual and an accepted leader. He may be critical of others. It also denotes strong mind and the person will stand for growth and development

5. Mrigashiras : The person will be attractive and truthful. The native will be intelligent and creative in his outlook.

6. Aardra : The native will be supported by Government. Usually suitable for manual or unskilled work.

7. Punarvasu : The person loves freedom and a wanderer. The person is an intellect and a philanthropist. Can be moderately successful in business.

8. Pushyami : The person will be pious with strong character. Maintains good relationship with people and rises to a high status

9. Ashlesha : The person will be wicked, cruel, unstable and unsociable. Though energetic, should develop tact to get along with people

10. Makha : The person will be physically strong. The native will be hard working and will gain wealth. Generally does a thorough job and very respectable.

11. Poorva Phalguni : A physically active person with lots of energy. Will have leadership qualities and be generous with money. Enjoys good health and sporting activities.

12. Uthara Phalguni : The person will be handsome and learned. He will be intelligent, talkative and pursue material benefits

13. Hastha : The native will maintain good relationship with people, amiable and skilled. He will be fond of travelling and good in communication with eloquent speech.

14. Chitra : The person will have variety of interests. He will be interested in putting up an excellent attire. He will be skilled in handicrafts, fond of travelling and will prefer to live in a foreign land.

15. Swaati : The person will have spiritual bend of mind and likes to travel. He may not be very responsive and slow to react.

16. Vishaakha : The person will be energetic, aggressive but can be tactless. He may become a business  man with interest in foreign trade. Will be handsome and talk convincingly.

17. Anuraadha : The person will be amiable and soft in nature. Loves to travel and has spiritual inclination. He will be fond of social life and spends considerable time in socialising.

18. Jyeshta : The person will have leadership qualities but troubled by kith and kin. Will be honourable and in the company of many friends. Though passionate, will be respectable

19. Moola : The person will gain wealth, luxurious habits and a rigid mind. Is an independent thinker and can be ambitious. Can have health complaints and not a physically robust Nakshatra.

20. Poorvashaada : The person will manage good relationships with people. Blessed with a good spouse and children. Does well when he chooses service as his profession.

21. Utharashada : The person will be kind, empathetic and perform well as a counsellor. He will have concern for the masses and their upliftment. An intelligent and fun loving person.

22. Shraavan : The person is interested in academics and learned. He will have an excellent spouse who is likely to be generous. They are mentally active and effective in performance. They can be very pious souls.

23. Dhanishta : A person who is adventurous. He may not get along with his spouse well. Can be dogmatic and therefore difficult to convince. Fond of art and has inclination towards Astrology.

24. Shatabhisha : Normally has a small family devoid of many kith and kin. Normally an amiable and quiet person interested in religion and philosophy.

25. Poorvabhadra : This star is translated in as ‘’burning pair’’. As the name indicates, the person is unstable and passionate, attracted towards opposite sex and will live long.

26. Utharabhadra : Auspicious star. The person is an excellent communicator, fickle in mind and has desire to amass wealth. He enjoys happiness through children

27. Revathi : Very handsome person and long lived. Normally, rich, affluent and can make good friends. Its symbol is elephant and therefore indicates material prosperity.

We also use these Nakshatras for ascertaining the auspicious dates and Muhurta for all important events. Role of Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology is unique and more so for one who practices stellar Astrology.


Duswapna , dusshakuna , durgathi, dhourmanasya, Durbiksha , duevyasana dussasha duryasamsi,

Uthpatha thapa , visha bheethim asathkara karthim, Vyadheemscha nasayathu may jagathaam adheesa.

Meaning :

Oh owner and lord of this universe , please destroy ,Bad dreams, bad omens , bad fate , a sick mind ,Famine . sorrow , unbearable pain, bad name , sorrow, fear of poison and misery created by planets