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Best Astrologer In Chennai

At ASTRO THOUGHTS, we consider, Astrology is an ancient science for comprehending yourself, your relationships, and your life situations. We do Astrological studies to know about your lives in general and what providence is in store for you in the future. Our Astrologer is an experience over 40 years in the analysis of forecasts. He specializes in horoscope matching, Online Kundali Matching, Marriage Matching by name, Star Matching for marriage (even online JathagaPorutham), ThiruvanaPorutham, analyzing of JanamKundli, Panchaga Advice, and more! Get the best Astrologic advice with Astro Thoughts in Chennai to enrich your life with the reinvigorated with fresh.

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Our Online Astro Services


Horoscope Matching

Check out Online Horoscope Matching from Best Astrologer in Chennai - Astro Thoughts. The bond between bride and groom is vital in a perpetual relationship with Gunas score matching. Horoscope matching is the Vedic compatibility study of the couple. Find your right partner with the consultation of the best Astrologer.

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Baby Name With Moon Sign

Rashi is the sign the Moon seen when you were born. Rashi is also known as Moon Sign and Sun Signs. Names particular letters for your baby will determine by Rashi, Nakshatra, and planetary transits. According to Vedic Jyotish and Vedic Astrology, the Moon sign is essential in choosing the right name for your baby.

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Hindu Vedic Astrology fixes the Muhurat of the day. Muhurthams are very noteworthy, even in the Modern era, to increase the probability of victory when beginning or performing a specific vital activity. Check out your muhurtham dates online from one of the best Astrologers in Chennai for marriage, culture, traditions, prayers, etc.

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Yearly Horoscope

Every year start with, New Hopes and Fresh Plans begin to sprout. The focus on finishing various commitments and target to accomplish yearly goals start to spin. He will predicate the early phase of your life. Consult the Best Astrologer to include the happiness and hopes in your life with complete your plans for this year.

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Gemstone Advice

Gemstones are nature that gift you happiness and success in your life. Right quality gemstones worn with the advice of a diligent astrologer from Astro Thoughts can help you resolve various life problems and embrace positivity in your life. The Gemstone will allow you to think about constant strength from your mind and soul. Consult and choose the stone for your life.

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Janam Kundli

Janam Kundli, which also signifies Janampatri or Birth Chart or Kundli Chart or Natal Chart, shows you the picture of your life depending upon the 12 houses. Kundali, Vedic charts, and the graphical position of houses and planets are analyzed based on your date, time, and place of birth. Know your Forecast with JanamKundali, the Best Astrologer in Chennai - Astro thoughts.

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Numerology is a predictive science that analyzes numbers, just like astrology uses the movement of planetsтАФknowing your life path with a professional Astrologer with the calculation and prediction of numbers related to your Zodiac signs. Numbers will content with your life under the root and indicates your personality and future.

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Panchang Advice

Hindu Panchang, an essential aspect in Vedic Astrology, is a key factor before any feast, festival, or activity begins; people used to fix dates and times for the occasions. Panchang is essential to analyze the Tithi and Muhurat. He will assist you in checking the diverse elements of Hindu Panchangam. Our Astrologer also is known for the best Nadijothidam in Chennai.

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Ask Astro To Report From Astro Thoughts

Get your complete astrological report from our expert astrologer. He has expertise in jathakaporutham in Tamil, star matching Tamil, marriage porutham in Tamil, name matching for marriage in Tamil, peyarporutham in Tamil, rasinatchathiramporutham, jathakaporutham by date of birth, name matching for marriage in Tamil and numerous services. The best Astrologer in Chennai with combined service for all your horoscope necessities. It is easy to find- Astro Thoughts to get complete astrological solutions to reach your destination.

Chat With Our Astrologer

Are you confused about your future? Is life messed up with worries and stress? Online horoscope matching is a definite solution. Our Expert Astrologer at Astro Thoughts, one of the best astrologers in Tamilnadu, will guide you in all your concerns regarding marriage, money, time, health, career, family, and any critical life decision. His services extend to jathagamporutham in Tamil online, thirumanaporutham online, jathakaporutham by date of birth, rasiporutham online, online Kundli matching, peyarporutham in Tamil, rasinatchathiramporutham and many more. Your search for the best Astrologer near me ends with a Chat with our Astro Thoughts Astrologer.

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What Our Customers Say

Top-astrology-reviews-online-astrologer-astrothoughts Top-astrology-reviews-best-online-astrologer-astrothoughts

The astrologer shows exceptional sincerity when giving predictions. He is a reliable person you can go in a time of need. The website is excellent and has numerous services which are free to use. I highly recommend his astrological services.

Chandar Aruna

Top-astrology-reviews-online-astrologer-astrothoughts Top-astrology-reviews-best-online-astrologer-astrothoughts

We have been immensely benefited by the excellent astrological guidance given. Our son's marriage, career and health concerns were greatly influenced by the experienced words of the Astrologer.

Sudarsan R

Top-astrology-reviews-online-astrologer-astrothoughts Top-astrology-reviews-best-online-astrologer-astrothoughts

Interested in knowing about your Future? Astro Thoughts would address it, well designed website.
Sir has over 40 years of experience in analysis and predictions, Highly recommended ЁЯСН

Kathiresan M

Top-astrology-reviews-online-astrologer-astrothoughts Top-astrology-reviews-best-online-astrologer-astrothoughts

Highly recommended. Have personally benefitted with his analysis and predictions.

sudha iyer

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Astro Thoughts is an expert in predictions, horoscopes, and more. He has 40+ years of experience in Astrology and analysis of forecasts. Ancient to the modern methodology of astrology projections with the past, present, and future calculation of your life to enrich via the Best Online Astrology Advice.


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ABC of Vedic Astrology is a genuine effort to bring Astrology closer to the aspiring students and beginners. The book is well structured, simplified and adheres to the principles of Vedic Astrology. Several topics in the book are presented with a contemporary outlook and easy to remember fashion. The book starts with an introduction to Rasi, Nakshatras and planets and also goes on to explain the various facts of Vedic Astrology.

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The book introduces the reader to the field study of Astrology and various other intrinsic features like understanding the Zodiac and the basis for the interpretation of horoscope. It also gives an overview of various Yogas formed as a result of a combination of planets. Certain common topics of interest like KaalSarpa Yoga, Mars dosha, Sade Sati are discussed. Other interesting topics like Leadership, Studying Abroad and Medical Astrology has also been discussed.

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Vedic Astrology is an eternal knowledge which is always be relevant and beneficial to mankind. "Is Career a Choice" is a book which will answer some of the career options that one aspires to experience. The book attempts to explore various aspects related to Profession in Vedic Astrology. Particular reference is made to 10th house, Varga Charts, Timing in Profession, Combination of Planets and excerpts from Classical texts. Four Chapters have been entirely devoted to the discussion of Combination of Planets for various Professions.

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One of the best books in Astrology on Profession The author Mr.S.Nallakuttalam has given real life example horoscopes of different persons in various professions. He has explained the planetary significance and combinations thoroghly. A must book to own by anyone interested to know their future career through astrology

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