Janam Kundli, which also means Janampatri or Birth Chart or Kundli Chart or Natal Chart, gives you the picture of your life depending upon the 12 houses. Kundali, Vedic charts, the graphical position of houses and planets are analyzed based on your date, time and place of birth.

Birth Horoscope or comprehensive Life report is prepared at Astro Thoughts based on your Birth details.We help you with knowing everything about your horoscope and predict your future life.

Our key Astrologer at Astro Thoughts analyses all the critical Dashas like Mangal Dasha and checks whether they have any implication on your horoscope. These details are given along with your Janam Kundali or Birth Horoscope report. Our Astrologer does this analyzation based on the planetary analysis and your date of birth.

Kundali chart is in practice since ages to known about your future. This helps you in deciding on various important matters related to life, career and family.

Life is getting Tough to Compete But It’s Crucial to Progress- Astro Thoughts Stands with you for Your Success and Happiness.