Online Panchang Advice


Hindu Panchang a very important aspect in Vedic Astrology is a key factor before beginning a feast, festival, activity. Panchang is necessary to analyze the Tithi and Muhurat. Astro Thoughts assists you checking the various elements of Hindu Panchangam.

Based on the calculations of five parts of Hindu Panchang- Tithi ( Lunar Day), Nakshatra (Constellation), Yoga ( Auspicious Time), Karan  ( Half of Tithi) and Vaar (a day in week), the Muhurat is decided.

Astro Thoughts gives you complete information about Panchang such as day and month along with well-known Panchangs of various states.  Also, we provide you the details of benefic and malefic timings in Panchang for the activity or ceremony planned.

“Panch” means Five and “Ang” means Parts- Make every “Ang” / Part of your Life, Better with Astro Thoughts Astrologer Panchangam Advice.