Mars dosha is one of the dreaded dosha by the common man. The Yoga technically occurs when Mars is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house from Lagna, Moon and Venus. Now you will understand, since Zodiac has only 12 signs, 50%… Read More »MARS DOSHA

Saturn and Sade Sati

1.  Great Ball of Gas Saturn located beyond Mars in the solar system is an excellent sight to behold. The favourite rings of Saturn are targets of amateur Astrologers. Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system, with a diameter of 75,000 miles.… Read More »Saturn and Sade Sati

A planet of expansion

It is believed that all the events happening on earth are influenced by the celestial bodies. The planet Jupiter symbolises learned, intellectual and rich who do have a say in the society. Normally, learned men in contemporary world earned degrees from universities but not necessarily… Read More »A planet of expansion


Marriage has now become an institution across the globe. Though the marriage ceremonies, rituals and practices differ amongst various societies, marriage is considered as a universal culture which means they are present in all societies. Marriage has several functions like identifying children and families. It… Read More »MARRIAGE AND ASTROLOGY


Many youngsters across the globe aspire and dream of studying abroad, especially from third world countries. There is a big checklist as to what all need to be thought of and done when someone wants to study abroad. First let us see astrologically whether we… Read More »STUDYING ABROAD

Career in Vedic Astrology

Career literally means ‘’what we do’’. Nowadays career is taken as what we do for a living. Evaluation of the career of the person is one of the daunting tasks for an Astrologer. Generally the chart will not give a clear picture, of course, occasionally… Read More »Career in Vedic Astrology


Every one wishes to have a long life span. Even people in dire straits, given a chance, prefer to live longer. The average life expectancy across the globe and India has gone up manifolds in the last couple of decades. With ever increasing findings and… Read More »LONGEVITY IN ASTROLOGY


The apparent backward motion of planets is called Retrograde. The word apparently has been used because in reality, the planets move slower when compared to other planets in the solar system. Planets on some given point of time when viewed from Earth will slow down… Read More »RETROGRADE PLANETS


The study of Astrology is very ancient and dates back to several centuries. At times it is difficult to understand the concepts as said in the various classical works of Vedic Astrology. It is not the fact in the verses that is confusing but it… Read More »VARGOTTAMA


People eagerly look for predictions all the time. People scan through newspapers, other media online, astrological websites, Youtube and blogs to know about the transit of planets and the effect of it on everyday life. There is always a dilemma in the minds of Astrologers… Read More »TRANSIT OF PLANETS