Timing of Events

Timing of events is an integral part of everyone’s life. In practice, we find good things happen only when the time fructifies. Generally, we tend to look for timing under the following circumstances : For pursuing higher education For choosing a career, job or profession… Read More »Timing of Events

Yogas formed by Moon

Significance of Moon The Moon signifies the essence and energy of life, will power and drive. It makes a person humane, sympathetic and generous. It gives fertile imagination and a stable mind. Astrologers relate professions like sea faring, travelling, children related, jewellery especially dealing with… Read More »Yogas formed by Moon


Yogas generally manifest different traits in a native and it may produce fortune (or) misfortune. Fortunate combinations are called yogas and the misfortunate are Arishtas. The yogas can generally be divided into three categories Raja Yoga  →  Giving rise to political power, position and fame… Read More »RAJA YOGA


Astrology’s role in social life of people are in very many facets. There could be material prosperity or adversity which would affect people’s life. These conditions are revealed by various combination of planets. All combination of planets need not be Yogas. Although there are very… Read More »PANCH MAHAPURSHA YOGA


Astrological predictions are generally based on planets and lagna as in the birth chart. If the planets are placed in own house, Mootatrikona, exaltation and in a friend’s house, will give benefic results. If the planets are debilitated or in an inimical sign, normally give… Read More »GLIMPSES OF SHAD BALA

Significance of Rasi or Zodiac

Each sign has its own peculiarities. Aries It is a movable, odd, cardinal sign. Traits are, it is masculine, cruel, fiery and short of ascension. Aries denotes for courage, determination, confidence, enthusiasm, being optimistic and honest. It can make one impatient, aggressive, short tempered and… Read More »Significance of Rasi or Zodiac


The Zodiac stands divided into 27 Nakshatras or lunar constellations. The ecliptic is Sun’s path. On either side of the ecliptic, Zodiac stands extended by 9 degrees. It passes through the centre of the Zodiac longitudinally. The ecliptic is divided into 12 equal parts of… Read More »NAKSHATRAS