The study of Astrology is very ancient and dates back to several centuries. At times it is difficult to understand the concepts as said in the various classical works of Vedic Astrology. It is not the fact in the verses that is confusing but it is our own understanding of it. It takes time to decode the knowledge given by our sages.

Vargottama is a special position in the chart where the planet is situated in the same sign in both Rasi and Navamsa.

Divisions of a sign

There are tenfold divisions of the Rasi chart and are known as Dasa vargas as shown below

  1. Rasi – Each Rasi is 30⁰
  2. Hora – Each part is 15⁰ each
  3. Drekkanna – Each part is 10⁰ each
  4. Trimsamsa – 5 parts of 5⁰, 7⁰ or 8⁰ each
  5. Saptamsa – 7 parts of 4⁰ 17 minutes and 8 seconds
  6. Navamsa – 9 parts of 3⁰ 2’’ each
  7. Dasama – 10 parts of 3each
  8. Dwadasamsa – 12 parts of 2⁰ – 30’’ each
  9. Shodensha – 16 parts of 1⁰ 16 minutes and 52 seconds
  10. Shastyamsa – 60 parts of 30’’ each

We have already seen what is known as Vargottama Navamsa.

As per Phala Deepika, if the Lord of Navamsa of the ascendant is strong, then the native’s life will be full of joy and happiness. If the Lord of Drekkanna ascendant is strong, then the native will live like a King. If the Lord of the ascendant itself is strong, then the native will be a King.

Vargottama is linked to the various kinds of Rasi, viz. Chara, Sthira and Upaya. These are called cardinal, fixed and mutable. The planets are Vargottama in

  1. 1st Navamsa of a cardinal sign
  2. The 5th navamsa of the fixed sign
  3. The 9th navamsa of a mutable sign

The Vargottama planets may be good or bad based on various factors.

If the benefics planets (or) Yoga karakas are Vargottama, it may give beneficial results. We have given below the table of Yoga Karakas for each Lagna starting from Aries.

No. Lagna Yogakaraka
1 Aries Moon, Sun & Jupiter
2 Taurus Saturn & Mercury
3 Gemini Mercury, Venus & Saturn
4 Cancer Mars, Sun & Jupiter
5 Leo Mars & Jupiter
6 Virgo Venus, Mercury
7 Libra Saturn & Mercury
8 Scorpio Jupiter, Moon & Sun
9 Sagittarius Mars, Sun & Jupiter
10 Capricorn Venus & Mercury
11 Aquarius Venus & Mercury
12 Pisces Mars & Moon

There are several notable horoscopes with Vargottama element playing a pivotal role.

In short, the Vargottama planet gives good results as if they are in their own houses. If the Vargottama planet is benefic to the particular Lagna, it is all the more better.


Achyuthanatha  Govinda  Vishno  Narayanamrutha  ,

Rogaan may  nasaya aseshaan   aasu  Dhanvanthare  hare.

Meaning :

The names  of Achyutha , Anantha , Govinda , Vishnu  and Narayana is nectar ,

Oh Lord  Dhanvanthari who is Hari  , please with speed  cure all my diseases  completely