This is in continuation of Part 1 on Basics for interpretation of horoscope.

8. Planets in Kendras and Trikonas : It is a must to observe what planets are in Kendras and Trikonas first. If benefics are placed in Kendras and Trikonas especially identical with their own sign (or) exaltation then it gives rise to Raja Yogas. Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga is one of the powerful Yogas that a person can enjoy. A strong benefic in Kendras and Trikonas are essential to make life comfortable.

Malefics in Kendra in own houses (or) exaltation can give good results. Even otherwise, malefic in Kendras becomes stronger and if they are not Yogakarakas, may spell negative results. A malefic placed in 7th in inimical or debilitation can cause danger to the spouse. If it is in 4th house, discomfort and danger to the mother.

Malefics do well in 3,6 and 11th houses, especially in their dasas, it does extremely well. A horoscope with benefics in Kendras and Trikonas and malefic in 3,6 and 11 is considered to be strong.

9. Look for Raja Yogas : We have devoted an entire Chapter on Raja Yogas. There are various combinations as said in classical Astrological works which gives rise to Raja Yogas. The more Raja Yogas are found in a horoscope, there will be prosperity, comfort and happiness to the native. Exaltation of planets identical with Kendras parivarthanas (exchange of positions), combination of Kendra and Trikona Lord gives rise to excellent results.

10. Strong and weak planets :A close evaluation of strong and weak planets will reveal how well a horoscope can perform. If Mercury is powerful, the native will be intelligent, intellect, quick witted, etc. which will enable the native to do better in life. If it is in the reverse, then the native may suffer in all the fronts stated above.

Strong Planets

  1. In own sign or exaltation or moolatrikona
  2. In Vargottama
  3. In Kendras and Trikonas
  4. In benefic Vargas
  5. Not deblited, combust, planetary war or in the first (or) last 5⁰ of a bhava
  6. Having good Astakavarga with more than 4 benefic points if Saturn, then 3 benefic points.
  7. Benefic not placed in 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th and 12th.

Weak Planets

  1. In inimical sign or in debilitation
  2. Combust or elevated and retrograde
  3. First (or) last 5 degrees of a bhava
  4. Placement in 6, 8 and 12
  5. Ashtaka Varga having less than 3 benefic points
  6. If the planets are hemmed between two malefic

11. Placement of planets :A strong and well placed planet augurs well for the native and gives him excellent character and personality. One needs to look closer at the Kendras, especially the 10th and first to understand the character of a person.

Sun : If Sun is well placed, it gives nobility of mind, honour, fame and lasting name. A strong Sun is essential for the success of the native because it denotes our soul. Weak Sun makes one egoistic, devoid of power, will increase the wrath of Government and gives false pride.

Moon : Makes one humane, creative, fertile imagination and emotionally balanced. It is karka for mind so it enriches one’s mind. Weak Moon makes a person unstable, drifting without any aim and unreliable.

Mars : Mars give courage, constructive aggressions, initiative, perseverance and truthfulness. When well placed Mars is in Lagna (or) with Moon, the native will be very courageous. Weak Mars makes one restless, aggressive, quarrelsome, strife and prone to accidents.

Mercury : Strong Mercury gives intelligence, intellect, powerful speech and quick witted. Native explores knowledge, eloquence in speech and books profits in business. Weak Mercury makes a native unstable, nervous and an idiot (or) person with less intelligence.

Jupiter : Jupiter is a planet of expansion and happiness. Makes a native cheerful, generous, social, easy going and magnanimous. Gives eminence in all walks of life. According to BPHS, a well placed Jupiter in a quadrant (or) Trikona will protect the native throughout his life.

Venus : Makes a person, artistic, lovable, romantic, rational, cultured and sociable. Is also very creative and adept in fine arts. Makes a person attractive to the opposite sex. If weak, then poverty, hated by people around, unclear and lives in disorder. It is an obstacle in married life and child birth.

Saturn : Saturn makes one hard working, industrious, a philosopher and with melancholic bent of mind, slow, plodding, careful and cautious. If afflicted and weak, makes the native with low morale, subservient, morbid and sometimes cruel. Such a person is selfish and often neglected by the society.

We will conclude Part II with the above narration.


ShuklaAmbara Dharam Vishnum Shashi Varnam Chatur Bhujam,

Prasanna Vadanam Dhyaayet  Sarva Vighnopashaantaye


O Lord, who is wearing White colored clothes, Who is all pervading, who has four hands

Who has a peaceful, joyous face we meditate on you, remove all the obstacles.