Known your Baby Moon Sign


There is no day without night, Moon portrays the mind of an individual in Vedic Astrology.  You act and react according to the Moon and its position in the kundali. It a key planet in the Vedic Astrology.

The Nakshatra you or your baby is born is analyzed with the Moon sign as it gives a picture of mental stability. Moon Sign also influences the body functioning like heart, bladder, stomach, brain, bowls and left eye. 

When the Sun and Moon Signs are compatible with each other your life progresses smoothly, whereas when there is less compatibility Astro Thoughts Astrologer advices you to sail without much strain. Some of you may have same Moon and Sun sign too, contact Astro Thoughts for best predictions on Double Signs as well.

Know your / Your Baby’s Moon Sign Soon- Astro Thoughts is your Astrological Boon.